Excel in Your First Year as CEO



Insights for New and Aspiring CEOs

Excel in Your First Year as CEO is a compilation of perspectives from current and former CEOs—members, advisors, and friends of World 50 Group—designed to shorten the learning curve of today’s newest CEOs and to spark inspiration for executives aspiring to the role.

New Stakeholders
Win-win solutions are more common than many assume.
Engaging a board demands more time than many new CEOs expect.
New Responsibilities
A public company CEO's first year is more indicative of long-term success than their first 100 days.
For new CEOs of private equity–backed companies, creating value fast means identifying what's slowing down their organizations.
New Perspective
It doesn't have to be lonely at the top.

“You are asked to occupy that office because of who you are, not who you aspire to be.”
– Ben Verwaayen, Former CEO, BT Group and Alcatel-Lucent

Today’s best CEOs strive to be insightful, not brilliant.

While the role of CEO is a human job with a superhuman responsibility, new CEOs often discredit their impressive track records, which can undermine their ability to make complex decisions.
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