Excel in Your First Year
in the C-Suite
  1. Get Started
  2. Listen First
  3. Clarify Your Priorities
  4. Strengthen Your Team
  5. Elevate Your Thinking
  6. Engage Your Board
Insights From Successful C-Suite Leaders
Stepping into the C-suite is a challenge unlike any other.

In an instant, your perspective shifts dramatically—zooming out far beyond your area of expertise to a more global and strategic outlook. Suddenly, more eyes are on you, looking for answers to questions you’ve never been asked before—on issues and opportunities you’ve yet to experience.

  • Get Started
  • Listen First
  • Clarify Your Priorities
  • Strengthen Your Team
  • Elevate Your Thinking
  • Engage Your Board
It’s a dramatic change, and one that is absolutely critical to get right.

Do you have a trusted community of advisors who have navigated the C-suite and know what success looks like?

World 50 can help. Our community consists of C-suite leaders from the largest, most revered companies on the planet, and they’ve been in your shoes. We spoke with dozens of them about their early tenures in the job, as well as their reflections on one question:
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